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Heart Chart: Grin by SylarSushiCat Heart Chart: Grin by SylarSushiCat
Charlie: "He seems really cool. I'm also a bit curious how his body has been affected by the multitude of electric shocks he endures."
Genevieve: "She seems a little closed off but she's obviously a capable leader that demands Respect. I can't wait to become closer friends."
Polarus: "Polarus is a very 'Cool' Polar bear" *snickers* "She can definitely take a situation into her hands and well... handle it very well. Also she is always extremely helpful."
Black Knife: "Talked for a little on one of the first days of Domination. She seemed a little reserved. I hope she opens up more."
Jabari: *clenches fist* "All I needed was a second of his help..." *straightens bowtie, regaining composure* "I hope whatever he was so busy with was worth it"
Heinrich: "HAHAHAHAAAAH! Heinz, you are a pleasure to work with, so don't let the world get you down~! He needs to loosen up a little, but we share many interests like cutting up dead bodies and science."(basically the same thing)
Maria:"She is quite helpful. I will have to keep this in mind, maybe someday I can return the favor"
Sken: "I haven't really talked to Sken yet. He seems very capable though."
Floyd: "I like his fashion sense. That's mainly it as I haven't had the chance to talk to him yet"
Alonso: "Probably my only real friend for awhile. I have a sister, but Alonso is just as much family to me and she is. Don't tell him that though."
Scorpio: "Interesting guy, very good with machines from what I have seen. He seems like he is warming up to me too so that is nice~! I enjoy being able to have open and fun conversations with co-workers"
Slate: "I talked to her for a little. She seems very nice and I hope to become better friends in the future. Seems like we both have in common that we are proud biologists."
Daniel: "Haven't met him formally yet, but I can't wait to meet him!~ He seems like a capable biologist who highly enjoys his work. Like me~"
Nero: "I've heard him laughing and screaming in the lab, which I honestly don't mind. I do my fair share of it as well. I hope we become closer so we can both scream and laugh together while we work. It'd be fun"
Amasis: "She seems very capable and nice, despite possibly not really understanding the way I think. Maybe someday soon we can work together."
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WolfStar991 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nero wants to scream in the lab with you to. :iconheplz:

Thanks for putting him in the description. :'D
SylarSushiCat Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Student General Artist
No problem ^^ His character is growing on me ^^
WolfStar991 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
SootingStarDragon Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Nice long descriptions :D sweet!

Daw, teeny tiny crush on Heinz. It really can't be helped.
I think everyone has that teeny tiny pink marked on their heart charts. Even if they erased it
SylarSushiCat Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Yeah I don't know if its because I feel like Grin likes him or if I am really just in love with his character. I feel like Grin would want to be just like really close friends with Heinz, at least for awhile. But I don't think Heinz feels too friendly with her. :C
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